KoKo Kuture LeMans

Unique etched spoke details set the 10 spoke LeMans wheels apart from the rest. Available in 20 inch and 22 inch diameters, with 5 distinct unique colors, this wheel fits most modern luxury cars, trucks and SUV’s. This wheel is also available in a limited edition “Black Smoke” finish.

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Koko Kuture


Black w/ Machined Face, Gloss Black, Gloss Silver w/ Machined Face, Gloss Black w/ Machined Face, Black Smoked, Chrome

Wheel Diameters

20", 22", 24", 26"

Wheel Sizes

20 x 9", 20 x 10.5", 22 x 9", 22 x 10.5", 24 x 10", 26 x 10"




Concave, Full-face, Reverse Lip