Return Policy

  • WTW will not assume responsibility or liability for any wheels installed on modified vehicles, or any non standard fitments.
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure fitment on all aftermarket wheels.
  • ALL returns are applicable to a 20% restocking fee after inspection and confirmation that the product is brand new in original packaging.
  • ALL Shipping charges will be deducted, and a credit will be issued on customers account for future use. NO REFUNDS.
  • ALL canceled orders are subject to a cancellation fee.

     WTW Inc. Limited Warranty

Thank you for purchasing wheels from WTW Inc. The following are the terms and conditions under which WTW Inc. conducts its warranty policy. WTW Inc. reserves the right to change its policy without notice.

Warranties and/or claims are handled only through authorized WTW Inc. dealers who originally purchased the product. Original receipt from authorized WTW Inc. Dealer with printed date and product description is required for warranty con­sideration.

WTW Inc. will, at its discretion, repair, refinish, or replace wheels within one year of purchase in the event of peeling, cracking, or other cosmetic defects. Warranty can only be in effect provided that the wheel has been maintained in a proper manner and has not been exposed to or come in contact with any caustic agents that may harm the chrome or painted finish of the wheel. Some corrosion is the result of the wheel having had prolonged contact with road salts and brake dust. The appearance of such corrosion constitutes neglect and thus is not covered under the provisions of this warranty.

WTW Inc. wheels come with a one year limited warranty only to the original purchaser and only as long as the wheels are fitted correctly onto a vehicle, with reference to correct load rating on both the wheel and tire. The wheels must be mounted with proper mounting equipment designed for aluminum wheels, in accordance with industry standard mounting and balancing procedures. Second party purchase of WTW Inc. products are not covered under warranty. It is the respon­sibility of the purchaser and installer to check fender, suspension and brake clearances BEFORE mounting tires on wheels. Wheels that have been mounted with tires will not be accepted for return. The use of spacers on any WTW Inc. wheels will void the warranty and any responsibility by WTW Inc. Wheels that are used for off road and racing applications void the warranty. Purchaser assumes full responsibility and liability for any and all damages to wheels, vehicle and passengers resulting from all road hazards and accidents (physical or chemical). Correct lug nuts or bolt lugs, studs, valve stems, bal­ancing weights, and adherence to proper torque specifications are the installer’s responsibilities. WTW Inc. will not be held liable for any damage or injury arising from installation of any aftermarket (non-original) wheels and tires.

The customer is responsible for any and all freight charges (including duties if applicable) on all returned merchandise from and to the nearest WTW Inc. warranty service center. Items will be accepted only with a return authorized number issued by WTW Inc. The issuance of a return authorization does not constitute the acceptance of a warranty claim. All merchandise received is subject to inspection and evaluation for warranty consideration.

WTW Inc. will not issue refunds or credits for products covered under this warranty.

This policy only offers wheel repair, refinishing or replacement under the discretion of WTW Inc.

  • Unused merchandise warranty/returns is subject to a 20% restocking fee with no exceptions. Unused Merchandise returns will be issued STORE CREDIT
  • Warranty disputes and claims that cannot be solved amicably must be resolved in Los Angeles County, California, where original sale originated.
  • Installation of aftermarket wheels may require some modifications to the vehicle which WTW Inc. is not responsible for.
  • WTW highly recommends re-torqueing lugs after 500 miles.

Warranty questions are to be emailed to: